Christmas in Photos: Part 3

Welcome back! Yesterday, we quenched our Christmas thirst with a tasty mimosa. Today, we open some gifts, share some laughs, maybe a scowl or two, and the dogs make an appearance. Let’s see some of what was found under the tree this year!

O’ Tannenbaum
CoCo will be having some of what Bill is having!
Who is it from? What is it??
Oh, a mug.

Every year, Brooke gets Bill a mug with a cheeky message. This makes me laugh and delights me, as this is a family tradition of sorts. My dad always got his grandma cheeky gifts, and unsurprisingly, Brooke is following in Pappaw’s foot steps. I blurred the message out, but if you want to know, just ask Bill the next time you see him! Oh, and look at his face, he found to be pretty funny!

Still camera shy
Always with the smoochy poochy, Avery and CoCo
She does love to be cuddled and kissed, Bill gives warm cuddles!
Sonny awaiting his smooches from Brooke
Avery apparently already had a hair dryer, although the answer was no when I asked prior to purchase…
It may have been *too* early for Brooke still
What is it Brooke?
Weathertec floor
mats for the win!
Avery is shocked as Brooke “had no idea”, jk, she knew!
What is it Ave?
Tervis travel cup!
What is it Brooke?
Tervis travel cup!
Eh, yeah, Bill also got a couple Tervis travel mugs
Smoochy Poochy!!
Washed and ready to use!
Always, with the photobombing!

You have been a good guest so far, tomorrow let’s let our hair down and play a game. What do you think it will be? Tune in tomorrow to find out and to wrap up our Christmas, 2022.

Brooke looks forward to seeing you tomorrow!

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