Christmas in Photos: Part 2

Yesterday, you saw the beginning of our morning, the sleepy happiness, the togetherness, the coffee, the dogs! We started our morning relaxed and happy, cozy by the fire, awaiting our breakfast casserole to finish baking, and while waiting, we shared a beverage. Normally, I like my mimosa with apple juice instead of orange juice, but the orange juice was a good pairing for the casserole ingredients, I already had it on hand, so it was a win all around! Let’s watch while Bill serves up this tasty drink!

Moët, for the champagne win!

Here we go! Now, keep in mind, everyone likes their mimosa proportions different than the next person, so Bill will be doing a custom pour for each of us.

See, no two are the same. Brooke is not having a mimosa, pour on Bill! Here, he is working on Avery’s drink, a lower champagne to oj ratio. Can you figure out whose glass is on the left, above??

I like pouring the champagne in the glasses first, and then letting the oj pour do the blending. Yes these are white wine glasses, but we are not formal here, so just enjoy the incorporation captured!

Top it off!

Obviously this is Bill’s, as was the left glass above. When Avery and I have wine, I ask, do you want a normal pour, or a mom pour? She is sophisticated and says normal, I remind her we are at home, might as well save a trip to the fridge and do a double. Bill says go big or go home!

The whole purpose of capturing our drinks, is to remind us of the sharing of drink, sharing of conversation, and sharing of good memories. While mom and dad are capturing drink service, this gives Avery and Brooke time to hang together, having their own conversations, sharing their own laughs too. Our bonds, our memories, our shared special times together are what will carry us forward as a family. Meeting each other where we are, in our own places of adulthood, age, and personal growth is what matters most. Mutual respect seems to be something we all crave from each other, and work diligently to deliver on. Avery and Brooke are our kids, yes, but also they are their own individuals, their own person, adults. Love grows and prospers where it is watered, where it is honored and where it is respected. I guess fancy, real champagne can make you feel elevated after all.

Tune in tomorrow for a peek into the gift portion of our Christmas Day!

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