Christmas in Photos: Part 4

It’s been fun showing you our Christmas in black and white photos, today we’ll finish up by showing you the rest of our morning/early afternoon. Let’s set the scene, shall we?

Yes, I did hang ornaments from the light fixture. Bill often works at the table and I wanted to make sure he had every opportunity to get glitter all over himself, on his things, and to wear it around as often as possible. You know, just to remind him of the joy and shine of the season. He loves glitter, and at no point did he ask if we could stop getting objects with glitter. Not that I can easily recollect anyhow.

Yes, this is butterbeer!! One of my gifts from Bill, it takes us back to the memory of sitting at Two Beater’s Pub at Wizardfest this past November. It is pretty tasty, and I may have added some Captain Morgan to it, which is super tasty. Does this seem indicative of what game we played?

Ave says you will never guess…

We played a card game called Yaniv. It is a Nepalese game that is popular in Israel. Avery learned this game when she stayed with her friend that went to Miami, but lives in California, and her parents were from Israel. This is an easy game to learn, fun to play, and we always play when Avery is home, Brooke even played on vacation with us, after we begged her to.

If you ever play cards with these two, Bill and Avery, be forewarned. They are card sharks, and I am not convinced they don’t cheat. They both swear they don’t but their rapidly firing brains are probably counting cards…although Avery declared no card cheating before we started. I think this just confirms my thoughts!

While we were playing cards, Brooke finally got to rest. How she can contort and squeeze her long limbs in to such a tiny little roll is beyond me. I am just glad she got some quiet rest time, and so cozy! Lol.

Thank you for joining us on our Christmas morning! We had such a wonderful morning and time, it was a great day of good food, great company, lots of laughs and many memories made. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas too, and that you have very happy New Year’s Eve!

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