TAP 20/70-Choo Choo, this train keeps a rollin’!

Another productive day today! Most of my day was working in my flower beds, clearing debris, weeding, and planting. I will mulch another day, sometime soon! I also walked with Avery and did yoga. I really needed both after working in the flower beds. On a positive note, I planted spikey annual plants 2 years ago, they never really died off in 2020, and were bigger and fuller in 2021. They died off over the winter, so I figured I got more than I expected out of them. Today I went to clear the dead roots, and as I was gathering the dead debris, I spotted some tiny 3” spikes! They are not dead this year, apparently. Yeehaw!!

I had to use some of my landscape rocks to start training some of my other plants to give plenty of room for my new Lilac bush. I don’t mind, neither will they. I clearly need to patch some grass and I think I will put some pebbles in the holly bush area, which I chose to shape last year, or the year before. Basically, personal preference is important for all things, even landscaping!

I am so relieved to have all of this done so early in the season, usually I wait until June. I did worry today that I may run out of projects around my house, then I had a good laugh at myself, there is always a project in my world. How do you feel about your landscaping? If any of you have a pollinator garden, drop me a line and let me know what your favorite plants are in that, I would like to add to my own, and I would appreciate your input!

TAP 21/70-Productivity Strikes Again

I had another productive day, and I am all for that. I am motoring right along with my house! Avery asked me earlier if I could breathe with more space, to which I said I literally have more space, and yes I can breathe better! I am finishing “opening up” my house with all the changes being done, and clean up is mainly left after today’s last big job of carpet cleaning.

I think we are all going to be so much happier in our house with the changes being made, the flow truly is better. Completing my list of indoor projects that were high priority will free up my summer to focus on outdoor projects and outdoor living, which will be great, but also much needed. I am honestly excited to tackle all of that next…at least talking about it, the doing of it may be another thing altogether. And there will always be room for more indoor summer projects, I have a list. 😉

Today is a short check in, I have been productive and right now, I am sitting here talking to Ave, enjoying the last rays of the day’s sun. I hope you have had great day, I sure have! See you tomorrow!

TAP 22/70-Changing Spaces

Any good before and after shows you photos of before and after. Here, today, you will get a half assed version and only after pictures. I honestly had not initially planned to make this a before and after, but after jawing at you about my painting, I figured I would at least show you an after. Please bear in mind that William was working in here, and has since moved to a room doubles in size…basically I probably wouldn’t have shown you the before anyhow.

As close to before as you will get.

This is the house’s designated dining room, when we moved here, we immediately didn’t like that idea, so it became my photography workspace. I bought this table when I lived in Jackson, and it sat in my old garage for several years. It had a crappy leather top that was scrapped off in parts and dry rotted in all the others. I knew it would be a perfect table for my workspace, and so I refinished the top with William’s help. I did not touch the base/legs other than to wash and beeswax treat.

I love all of the imperfections, dings and minor damage this beauty possesses. That is what I call character! This is sanded down, stained, and beeswax conditioning only. It is such a beautiful table, and well worth the $40 I paid. We also added bun feet to it to give it some height. So smooth!

I am wondering how long this table was originally, it has space for a leaf or two, maybe more?! The base to me says it was longer, or could be quite a bit longer, anyhow. It did not have chairs when I acquired it, but I recently purchased these nice little swivel chairs from Big Sandy. The wood color on the chairs matches the table top almost perfectly, plus these have a bit of cushion for dinners, games, and puzzle time. I also like the nailheads, you can also find nailheads on my living room furniture!

I will also be putting a large art piece above the kennels soon. And after vacation, I will probably relocate the kennelsto another room, in the basement. This is such ease if access for us right now, and for my dog sitter, thank you Kellie!

See my Mason Smith art print entitled “Lone Wolf”?

I will be honest, my curtains are 5 years old, but I still love them, and I paid very little for them. I just wash them and put them back up in my Big Lots curtain rods. The table, dresser and mirror are all antiques and I paid $80 total for them all. Mason Smith gifted me this beautiful print of his, we used to be business neighbors and when Inkbox Tattoo Shop moved locations, I was sad to see them go, he kindly gave this to me. My brass lamp is an old yard sale find, and the antlers in the dough bowl came from Chillicothe Antique Emporium. More or less, what I am telling you is that I am a curator, and I only bring things in to my house that hold meaning or that speak to me. I also like to honor where I am from, where I live, in Chillicothe.

In case you spotted the old office chair in the corner, it is for sale and I would be happy to show you a better picture of it! Lol. Do you have a space in your home that feels like a black hole or chaotic vortex? A washing, some paint(or patched paint), decluttering, and redesignating of your spaces can go a long way to make you love your house again, love it now, enjoy it, hate it less or just feel like you have a better flow of things. Drop me a line and let me know if you have changed a space’s purpose, or changed it back to it’s original purpose, I would love to know!

TAP 23/70-I found a gem, then walked away…

Do you ever see something that grabs your attention, you instantly fall in love with it, and then you walk away? Yes, well that is the story of me and this plant today. Look at this beauty!! Black and purple…swoon!

Rhoads Garden Center and Nursery

But wait, look at this grouping…

Shades of green, white, purpley black?! Yes please.

Oh ladies at Rhoads Garden Center, you are making me such a happy girl! But alas, I did not get the planter or this grouping. Sad! I was honestly after a white lilacs bush, and a peony bush. I did get the lilac, she is spent and kinda sad looking, so I won’t show you her lack of her beauty right now, but I will show you what I did get!

For those of you that come to my house and always admire my coleus, here is my selection this year! It looks tie-dyed, and my picture does not do these plants justice. We also got a hibiscus bush, which looks like just a plant currently too, so moving on.

The petunia basket, William picked to put on the hook we got too. I am holding back on more annuals for now, as the dogs tend to tramp a lot of my flower bed, so if I keep it a bit smaller and snugger, that will make us all happier. Oh! I am not sure I mentioned, but the garden center has a great wine selection, craft beer selection and a charcuterie selection too. Some people love coffee shops, give me Rhoads Garden Center and Nursery in Circleville all day long, they speak my language!

I am taking a break from all the things I could be doing today, will jump back in tomorrow and this week. Sometimes we need to take a celebrate what we have done, rest before what we will do. What about you, how is your Saturday shaping up? Drop me a line and let me know what you are in to today!

TAP 24/70-Productive Day

So, I should just start with telling you all that this was the week, the week I finally felt that I am not overwhelmed any more. It took a lot of steps for me to get to this place, a lot of things had to occur, and a lot of emotions had to not only be reprocessed, but released(some re released too). I am so very relieved and grateful that I am at where I am right now…just waiting on what is next!

I have been so productive today, that I don’t have anything exciting or interesting to report, unless you count soaking diffuser parts in a water/vinegar mix, 7 loads of laundry(clothes, bedding, dog beds), swept then carpet cleaning in the dining room, dusting the downstairs and Avery’s room, cooked dinner, dishwasher, and climbing steps a bazillion times. I topped it off with some custard and a ride through the cemetery with William after it was all said and done. Writing it down seems like I did very little, but it kept me busy all day long!

Cleaned where the furniture is, yesterday! And that dark spot is not a stain, just dark in the photo.

Anyhow, I am enjoying sitting here for the moment, resting after a busy day! What was your Friday like? Drop me a line, let me know!

TAP 25/70-Tattoo Shop Sort of Day

In January, I was talking to a good friend that said he would love to have a tattoo, but he wants it to mean something. I agreed, and told him that I firmly believe in tattooing what holds deep or strong meaning to you, something symbolic that holds meaning, or anything that means something in some way to you. Sounds vague, in that it is open to interpretation, but meaning is different to us all.

I have two tattoos, and will be getting a third in June. Bill will get his 6th in June, Avery has at least one… Brooke has wanted this tattoo for a long while. She hasn’t wavered, and it holds much meaning for her. I am all for someone wanting to express themselves, to remind themselves, and to find more confidence in themselves. Brooke had our full approval!

Here we go!

Brooke sometimes struggles with anxiety and worry. She sometimes frets too much, and needs a reminder that she just needs to let it be, trust God, and let it go. Whispered words of wisdom, Let it be.

Clint McCollister, of Beautifully Stained, came highly recommended to us from a friend, and he did not disappoint! Clint was great at explaining everything to Brooke, the process from beginning to end, he was friendly, fun and very professional! What a great experience for Brooke to have!

The whole process was about 20 minutes, from walking in, to walking out!

We didn’t stop there, Brooke and I went to Envy Ink afterwards to get her nose stud changed to a hoop. Alix is always great when Brooke gets services from her! No pics of that, but another pic of Brooke’s tattoo.

Clint McCollister doing his thing at Beautifully Stained

I cannot say enough positive about Clint or Beautifully Stained! Highly recommend!! Do you have any tattoos? Do you want one? If you do, I know some people, here, there and everywhere. I would love to see your body art, drop me a line or picture, show those tats off!

TAP 26/70-Am I Done?

I have been paining quite a bit, including patching holes and painting those spots. I also washed the walls and washed the curtains. Next is more carpet cleaning! Yay! I am ready for the transitioning to be done, in all ways in my house. Hello Mercury Retrograde. Today was a low energy, low productivity day. I listened to my body, will probably be in bed for the night, soon enough. I am okay with that, as I will be back in action tomorrow! Have a good night all, rest up when you need it!

TAP 27/70-Get Moving!!

Whew! I have not been doing yoga lately, and I went this evening…oh boy was I out of practice!!! Dear body, I am so sorry that I have neglected you and let you down!! No more!

I can’t believe that I stopped going to yoga so regularly, stopped walking regularly, and stopped eating so well. In life, we always pick or chose where our focus is, and these things have not been in the fore front for me. I hate that, but I can choose to make a different effort, and I shall.

Drop me a line, let me know if you are getting more exercise with the warmer weather, I would love to know!

TAP 28/70-Horizons

I have to ask, is anyone else out there going through huge shifts in their life? It seems like all of 4 of my family members are going through some big transitions, and it is positive for all of us. The level of pain or discomfort has been differing to us all, but present nonetheless. I know a few other people going through a similar theme of big change, but give me a show of hands and let me know if you too are in transition.

While I am finishing up home change projects, let me show you an edit I did on Brooke’s photo from Prom yesterday. I think it is good to try some different techniques, it let’s you know what you like or don’t like, shows you what’s learned or what needs learned. Truly, you just never know what you like until you try.

I am always open to new things, changes and adjustments. The thing is, the biggest one, is yet to be seen or done. I feel that I am brimming with possibility of something new on the horizon. I really just needed to work through the things holding me back, release what no longer, or maybe never did serve me. How about you, what does the horizon look like for you? Drop me a line, I would love to know!

TAP 29/70- Happy Mother’s Day!

A tribute this Mother’s Day written by William for Erin…

It’s Mother’s Day today, and I would like to pay tribute to my wife, and the mother of our awesome daughters, Brooke and Avery!

You have raised 2 beautiful souls, both inside and out, and they will both be something very special in the world!

You have also helped raise one man child, who is always 4” away from something, and I’ll be forever grateful for your continued love and support!

This Mother’s Day, reflect on the good times and days, but don’t lose sight of the fact that moms deserve a special day because most of the other 365 days per year are hectic, stressful, and mundane.

My wife truly is a goddess, and if you’re lucky enough for her to let you into her world, you are blessed!

Happy Mother’s Day (and Union Day) Erin! I hope your day is as special as you are!