Christmas in Photos: Part 1

This year, I decided to document our Christmas morning with photos, in black and white. We had decided the night before that we would have a very relaxed Christmas morning. We, or 3 of us, slept until 7:15, 2 had coffee, one had a camera. Two of the dogs were not too keen on the camera, one couldn’t get enough. Bill and I made up a tasty breakfast casserole, which I did not take photos of, but we did eat before opening gifts. Here are the photos of coffee time, waiting for Brooke’s arrival downstairs, and before we ate our morning casserole. I hope you get some good laughs, I know we did!

Today is Christmas Day!
Coffee time, in coming!
Bill, where’s your dog?!
Avery is loving on her!
Avery, saving a seat for Brooke
Brooke is awake! The dogs always think they want coffee😅
Good morning, lovelies!!
She is not camera shy!!
But Sonny is
I think Berrie is going blind, although everyone else says not so much.
Old girl
Young sleepy girl, lol
Sneaky photobomb
More photo opps, despite the shyness
CoCo smoochy!
Sonny is behind the phone…
“Oh that was a good one!“
Sonny having a good laugh at his shenanigans!

Tune in tomorrow for part 2, and some mimosas!

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