Elvis was in the building!

Last night, at our beautiful Majestic Theatre, we saw Kavan perform 4 Shades of Elvis. To say that I saw Elvis in real time, is not an understatement. While I was taken to a different era, or two, the ladies in the audience were definitely transported back to a different time, their younger years, and they were living a dream through the mighty talented, and fun, Kavan with the accompaniment of some super talented vocalists and musicians.

This video is a snippet of the show, not the most exciting part, and not the most awesome part, because holy leather! Kavan has such high energy, such amazing vocals, and moves, moves, moves! I would highly recommend seeing his show, take a fan, and maybe a lady that loves Elvis, you won’t regret it! A great night of entertainment at my favorite local theatre, with my favorite people!

Bill, Avery, Brooke, me, and my sister Kellie!

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