An early morning jaunt

Have you ever heard of Crumbl cookies? Have you ever had one? Well Brooke and Avery introduced me to them last year, and the first cookie I ever had from there was a Brownie Sundae cookie. Don’t you know it was delicious and they have never had it back around here since. Until this week. It was the mystery cookie at the Dublin store this week, so we made plans to go grab some cookies today.

We left at 7:30 this morning, Bill, Brooke and I, and we arrived at our destination a little over an hour later. It was a really nice ride up to Dublin, having good conversations, talking on all manners of topics. Traffic was light and there were snow flurries that just added to ambiance of the season, and our cozy car ride up.

Bill isn’t a Crumbl connoisseur like the rest of us, however he is a Jolly Pirate donut super fan, so off to Grove City we went after our first stop. While I didn’t feel compelled to take photos of Bill’s donuts, I did make him pull over for me to take some shots of the square in downtown Grove City. I love the charm of Grove City, and absolutely love their decorations for Christmas. Let me show you a few!

Grove City’s displays are so beautiful and I would suggest driving through if you are heading to, or back from Columbus. There is a theme, The Nutcracker, and red is their dominant color.While I did not capture all of the cute nutcrackers in the area, I will show you the ones I really enjoyed!

You see what I am saying! While I didn’t get a head on shot of their square’s Christmas tree, I did want to capture it to share with you all. It truly is one of the most beautiful town trees I have seen, embodying a traditional Christmas theme.

I really am glad the traffic was light as we were passing through, because when I yelled “Pull over please!!”, Bill could easily maneuver a right hand turn for me to jump out and quickly snap these shots. I wish I had taken street shots of the red bowed wreaths on the street lights, it was just a magical scene, and one I would love to see next week when it is supposed to snow harder.

While I love my own town’s efforts and holiday beautifications, I also appreciate other towns and their unique flavor of Christmas displays. Tell me, is there a town that you feel embodies the holiday spirit very well, or a town you appreciate for their beautiful efforts? Drop me a line, I would love to know so I can go visit, or so I can look it up and peruse online!

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