I have not been able to do yoga for months. MONTHS. While you don’t quite realize how bad a shape you are in before an exercise program, you sure as hell know how bad you can get when you aren’t doing one. I have tried to do yoga a few times the last few months, to no avail, all because of the vertigo, but in the last week my body has been screaming at me to do something to help my tight muscles and rigid joints. So, this weekend, I made a plan, and started today.

This is the video I did. I really like how slow Brittney goes, her voice isn’t annoying, and it is a good place for me to start this first week back. While I did get dizzy 3 times, the first two were easy to navigate, and the third was at the end. I consider this a major win!!! I plan on doing a flow Monday, Wednesday & Friday, adding yin 2 other days in the week. Or at least something like that. I may need to adjust based on my vertigo limitations, but I am just so overjoyed with relief, happiness and an easiness in my body that was missing.

I’ll keep you posted on how it goes! Tell me, what are you not doing for your lungs/muscles/body that you could or should be? And can you meet yourself in that to feel better(best) in 2023? Drop me a line and let me know!

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