Happy Thanksgiving, All!!!

Our bird turned out beautifully, and super, super tasty today! The brine was the way to go, and will be a Thanksgiving staple from here on out! Looking back, this truly was a simple way to get an amazingly tasty turkey!

We used all new recipes this year for everything we made, and I can honestly say, everything was beyond my expectations! We also had crock pot mashed potatoes, which you get no photo of, and this creamy Brussels sprouts side dish. Bill used a different pan for the bacon, his old bacon pan died, but somehow I think he has upgraded!

We made gravy from scratch, and as you guessed, it went down with the potatoes. So delicious!!! I really should have taken a photo of my plate, but I think I was in pure bliss and it never crossed my mind.

Bill did an amazing job with the turkey, and has a knack for carving! Our turkey cooked quicker than everything said it would, despite cooking at 350, but Bill uses an electric meat thermometer that you can read on the outside of the oven and when it says the right temperature, it is done.

I am so very thankful for the delicious food today, but more importantly, I am thankful that I have a husband that I enjoy cooking with and working with. I am thankful for my children and dogs. I am thankful for my family and friends, and I am thankful to wake up everyday, breathing in this life. I am so thankful that we can adapt and change, grow and become better. I am truly blessed and I thank God for that everyday! I hope you are all having a great day with friends and loved ones, celebrating or not, feeling the blessings of this life! Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!

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