Leftovers, Sliders, Cleanup

Ah, Black Friday. I have been an online BF shopper for a decade or more, and while I have snagged some good deals this year, nothing beats the deals of great leftovers. Today I had a piece of pumpkin roll for breakfast, Brussels sprouts casserole for lunch, and we are having Turkey bacon ranch sliders on King Hawaiian rolls for dinner! Before I show you those, let me show you what else we did today, other than watch World Cup action.

I emptied my planters, put those and some outdoor decor away for the season. I trimmed my holly bushes, as it is easier to put lights on shaped bushes. I removed spent annuals, I like to let those die off completely, as it leaves most of my soil this way. I also tidied the lights up by turning a quarter turn, and I raked some leaves out of the beds in to the yard for Bill to mulch up later. He was also busy blowing all the leaves to our extra lot while I did my work, we work well together!

Back to those sandwiches!

I started by cutting the rolls in half, then I tore the Turkey in to chunks and spread it out evenly on the rolls. I put some left over pieces of cheese on the turkey…

…because who wants to put two slices back in the package after using all of this cheese so far?

We then topped the Turkey with ALLLL of this bacon. Holy yum!

I put the lids on, poured some melted butter on, brushed it all over, and then sprinkled on some ranch seasoning.



So, tell me, what did you do today? Are you having leftovers? Are you making something new with your leftovers? Drop me a line and let me know, I’ll be here enjoying these sliders!

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