Brine, not simmer pot aromatics!

Yes! As a matter of fact, these are the makings of the brine for our Turkey! Ironically, I do have some cross over items that I include in my simmer pots, so the brine will be up my alley for sure!

There are LOTS of orange peels, no oranges though! I love that this includes rosemary, as it is one of my favorites, as well! All of the salt made me a bit twitchy, but man I think this will be amazing!!

I messaged my friend Stephanie for some tips, as I know she makes this same brine and raves about it…but I was wrong, oopsy! She makes a different Pioneer Woman brine, and the helpful hint was to start the brine earlier than today. Haha! 😅 That was a helpful hint that I shall carry forward! Thankfully, we both had a good laugh over all the brine talk!

Hopefully you are making your preparations, getting ready for a good day of food, family, and friends! If you need a pumpkin pie, let me know, I will have an extra!

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