A push, a prod…to move

When do you move? Are you pushed so that you may help another move? Do you recognize that you are being pushed? Tonight I stopped in my tracks as I realized I was being pushed, so that I may push another. This isn’t the first time, probably not the last, but I am not sure I am down with this methodology any more. Some would say I have no say in this, I disagree. I find that when we state our limits, we find another way, and I think it is time for another way.

A good friend messaged me last night, telling me that she was praying that I have a wonderful week full of restful peace and greater levels of revelation of God’s love. Now, this message truly was divine timing, but it also signified that something painful would occur first. I feel that I cannot look at it yet, as I have some fear and maybe I am not ready. I should explain, deep down there is no fear, only trust, but trusting can be very scary and life altering, even when you readily accept it. And my mind wants greater levels of revelation of God’s love, but I feel that there is a lot of hurt with a loved one right now, an I can’t fathom greater level’s of God’s love…but this all ties together for the answer and the revelations. Trust.

I feel that in order to go where we are meant to move, we have to be willing to move, or be willing to be pushed. There was no guarantee that it would be comfortable, fun, or pleasant. There was no promise of it being hard. Simply, we are to trust. We live a different life when we submit to these things, a better life. You can’t explain to those that simply think you are stupid, and you can’t make a nonbeliever understand…but maybe you will be pushed or prodded to speak light and life in to others, prompting them to move, and you will move too.

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