Crisp Air, Cozy Pets

Remember the other day when I mentioned it was too hot for a three dog night? Yes well on Wednesday this week, it felt pretty chilly in the house, it called for a blanket.

So cold that a dog needed to be completely under the blanket…

Only to embody hippo style, coming up for air periodically…

She didn’t really care for the cold air…

As you can see here.

But when I covered her all the way back up, she decided she was getting hot, stuck her snoot out along with her paws. The things we do for our animals. I looked at the forecast, looks to be staying warm for a while, glad we got our gas logs done in October, haven’t got to use those yet. And my new humidifiers came in…also haven’t used those either, lol. Who bitches about nice weather in November? It’s me, I am bitching. I would like to order a crisp fall day for tomorrow, but I shall enjoy the warmth and sunshine instead!

How about you, ready for crisp weather, and keeping crazy pets warm?

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