A Birthday Wish for you!

Dear Avery,

It is hard to believe that you are 21 today! I can remember my stint in the hospital, waiting for your arrival, like it was yesterday. Some days my memories are so fresh of you as a baby, a toddler, a child, and other days my memories are of your later childhood years, when you were growing in to a teen, and becoming a more independent person. Time has truly gone quickly, in these past 21 years, some of it I would give anything to do all over again, to change things, or to relive special moments with you.

As another human, I love and adore so many things about you, and I admire you for being yourself. You are so very smart, articulate and people genuinely like you, and that makes me so happy for you. You are very strong and determined, I have witnessed you overcome many hurdles in life, with grit and strength. You have faced many adult themes already in your young life, and while this hurts me for you, I would cut a bitch in a heartbeat to keep you from an ounce of pain, which is a bit crazy and unrealistic, but that is my love for you. I have so much faith in you and belief in you that to some people, I probably look like a “hysterical” mom, so be it, I accept that moniker, for you are worth it.

You have such a great future ahead of you, there is nothing you can’t do, can’t accomplish and can’t work through to make your life everything you want and more. And Avery, I believe that you will have the life you want and then some, that is how much I believe in you. You have such a great work ethic, a zest to learn and an endless curiosity that will keep pushing you forward, towards all of your dreams and success that you will deserve. I say all of this, but this isn’t my wish for you.

My wish for you, my sweet girl, is that you always know you are loved, wanted, and cared for. There may be differences, there might be strife, but you are loved, you are wanted, you are cared for. No matter how far away you are, we will be there. No matter where you go, we will be there. No matter how down and out you feel, we will be there to pick you up, put you on our backs and carry you. No matter Ave, no matter what. YOU are loved. YOU are wanted. YOU are cared for.

Today, I hope you celebrate you! I hope you do something nice for yourself! I hope you sit and know that you are worthy, you are loved, you are wanted, and you are cared for. I love you Manx!~Love Mom💗

2 Comments on “A Birthday Wish for you!

  1. I love this so very very much Erin….she’s such a beauty and so damn smart…she’s got so much on her side…lots of love Avery and I wish you a beautiful birthday and hope the coming year is exactly what you want it to be….Aunt Kelley

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