Hallow’s Eve, Incarnation, Witchery

Apparently no one wants to read about past lives, so don’t go looking at my last post, lol!

Bill and I watched a World War I movie last night, it was very gruesome, and seemed like an excellent retelling, in a very realistic way. Basically, 3 millions lives were lost to gain 100 yards. That is crazy. Worst, l the ending and the fate of one of the main characters really just sealed it all up. Sometimes we watch things that are so realistic, and very realistic depictions if real life happenings that it makes us stop to ponder. We are very fortunate to not have been through the same lifetime, but perhaps we were there after all?

On this Hallow’s Eve, before All Saint’s Day…during Samhain, looking through the thinning veil, who are you missing? Perhaps it is a loved one, maybe it is a former incarnation of yourself, maybe it is simply summer you are missing? Whatever the case, HAPPY HALLOWEEN WITCHES!

My ride today…
Old photo, stayed tuned for an updated version…
My night may have these elements…

See you all tomorrow for the birth month of queens!!

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