13 to Fall-Sonflower

A couple days ago, Sonny was playing and ripped a nail down at the nail bed of his paw. He was limping and crying, so we knew he needed to head to the vet. He also added an additional back leg limp when his dad got home from out of town work this week. Yesterday, he and Bill headed off to the vet, this is the result, a Sonflower.

As you can see, he is somehow managing, although the cone is now not only a weapon, but an extended apparatus to smack us all with, to make sure we do his bidding. If you see us all looking haggard today, just understand the sleepless night of constant pacing we all endured last night.

Drop me a line, let me know if you ever had a pet with a cone/collar. I would love to share some laughs over this today!

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