14 to Fall-The Progressive Human

Do you ever find yourself making friends in unexpected places and unexpected ways? I think when we are seeking to find like minds, we are willing to look, or find those people meant to be in our lives, no matter the distance, no matter the source of introduction, and no matter the differences. It truly is the common things that pull us together, establishing connection and friendships.

Long story short, Bill bought me a Christmas gift from someone in Australia a few years ago. I started following that person on Instagram and struck up a friendship with them. One day they started mentioning their friend’s work that they deeply resonated with, and so I followed along and found myself meeting another like mind. That has turned from a following, into another cherished friendship that I am blessed with. So, who’s your friend, Erin?

Also on Instagram!

His name is Rafal Durka, he is a an intuitive, a medium, a mystic, and much more. I have had the pleasure of watching Rafal move beyond the quieting of his gift, to finding his voice and living out loud with his energy, his voice and his abilities. I love to watch people come into themselves, and I have a feeling this is just the beginning for Rafal.

Rafal recently started his podcast, The Progressive Human, and let me tell you, I was amazed by it. There is much I cannot articulate in this life, but my friend not only puts it in words, he speaks it so beautifully, so powerfully, and goes beyond what we not only can’t say, but can’t put in to words or organization of what we think. Mind blowing!

Please give Rafal a listen, expand your mind, hear a message, and learn from a truly great source! His intro podcast is below, followed by his first official podcast. I am not much of a podcast person, but be assured, I will be listening every week to hear what my dear friend has to say, The Progressive Human!


First podcast from The Progressive Human:


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