32 to Fall-Choice, Choose, Obedience, Love

I got a back to class picture from Avery today! In no time, she will be done with college, but until then, we’ll enjoy the random outfit of the day photos, outfit for special occasions photos and just living life outfit photos! It is so hard to believe that she is a junior in college!

I read a great plan in one of my Bible plans today, it perfectly sums up what I believe and what I have tried to pass along to my family and friends. I am not very good at conveying this thought some days, so I thought I share it here, with you. Freedom is the cause of obedience, obedience is the desired trait for us to be good stewards, and to be good stewards, we must realize the value of choice and consequence, and their direct correlations. If we are free to choose, we must take the responsibility greatly, but not to the point of giving our freedom away…it ceases being choice then.

Today’s choices produce tomorrow’s results. And when we are free to choose, we find ourselves more disciplined, more obedient and full of love for others. Are you free, or are you obedient hoping to be free? Drop me a line, I would happily talk to you about this!

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