31&30 to Fall-Let’s get Metaphysical

Yesterday was a dud for the ole blog. You missed me editing in the evening, and missing a dentist appointment due to vertigo meds in the morning. See, you didn’t miss anything.

Today, I went to lunch with a good friend that I haven’t seen for eons! He says he misses my massages more than he misses me, that’s okay Joe, I missed you, in all ways, my friend! We had lunch at the Pour House, downtown, our lovely waitress had to endure us catching up and asking her to come back for our order three times. She was a good sport about it and it gave us time to get started on our conversations.

Such a pretty place to eat, inside and out!

We went to metaphysical store up the street before we ate, I didn’t get pictures of that, but we had a good time in the store. Joe and I could probably have a good time anywhere! He came out with a few goodies and an extra birthday stone, and I saw some petrified scorpions that were super cool…and my birthday is coming up in Scorpio season.

Sarah, owner of The Enchanted Haven

After lunch, we headed to the new metaphysical store on East Main, The Enchanted Haven. We met Sarah, the owner, and she was not only super friendly, but fun to be around. Whenever Joe and I go somewhere like Sarah’s store, we take about 4-5 passes around. We discover something new each time, and often call the other to “come look at this amazing thing I found”. We have so much fun in places like The Enchanted Haven, let me give you a tour through images.

Grab your cauldron, and be prepared to fill it up!
See that big singing bowl on top? She lives with Joe now. Lovely!! If you have never been to a sound bath, you need to go.
Very cool Rainbow Fluorite pieces!
Who doesn’t love trinket boxes or mortar and pestles? Joe bought me an amazing mortar and pestle for Christmas, we made guacamole in it!
Hag stones are fascinating, and really amazing, my primitive brain sees me using these for fishing. Idk why, I just do.
All the sage bundles, candles, palo santo, ah I can smell the clean air from this picture!
These are enormous! And look how lovely! I will probably own one when I burn through my existing cache!
Ah, feathers. That peacock feather is gorgeous!
Need some herbs to make your own incense? Sarah has them!
Oooh, you could make all the chakra blends and never confuse yourself with these little gems!
This was on my list today, candles!
You could make your own, or you could let someone else make you some Florida water or Moon water!
Check out these beauties! Wouldn’t this look great on your desk?
All the Agate you could ever want, in pretty much any color!
All.The.Selenite. I am here for it!
A nice array of worry stones, pick one up, put it in your pocket…pay first obviously!
Love these, can use them as chargers or grids!
Rain sticks are so neat, good alternative when you don’t have the real thing on a tin roof.
Joe, digging through stickers. Peep that beautiful dreamcatcher above Joe’s head!

Now that you have taken a tour, don’t be a stranger, stop in to see Sarah, tell her that I sent you! I love metaphysical items, the way your brain and body connects with elements, and how you always intuitively know what you need to acquire or carry with you. Today, I picked up a piece of Black Tourmaline, and when I went to put it down, my fingers wouldn’t release, it had to stay with me. I am okay with that as I must need to carry it with me, or give it to someone on down the line. For now, it stays with me, gives me pause for thought and I need to reflect on things, as it is asking me to do.

Tell me, have you ever been in a metaphysical store? Do you like good energy? Sarah is your girl if you want to see what might call to you, or if you want to learn something new.

2 Comments on “31&30 to Fall-Let’s get Metaphysical

  1. Ugh! Of course I missed you! However, there are very few things I wouldn’t do for one of your amazing massages and our good ole venting sessions. Today was filled with many laughs and that’s what I miss the most with you.
    To add to your post…. Yes everyone must go see Sarah! Her new store is amazing!

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