33 to Fall-Took a Walk, reflection

We took a walk, down by a creek today, it was overcast, hazy, and humid. The creek bed was oh so dry though, even with a good rain last night. Sure the picture below shows you a fairly full creek, but that is not the entire picture, as is often the case in life.

We see something so lush and brimming with life, and assume that is the whole picture. What lies underneath, what lies behind? Is this the low point, or the high point we are seeing, and is that based on the water or the creek bed bottom?

How about the roots, do these signify life, or death? How are these roots nourished, or Arlene they even getting anything? How is that tree standing without anything right under it? This walk in the creek bed was seriously fascinating, and thought provoking.

We came across an animal’s remains. What was it? How long had it been here? Did it wash up here when the creek was full, or did it die here when the creek was dry? I really don’t know, but odds are it was a raccoon or possum, then again, I can’t rightly say. I said a little prayer for it regardless.

What do we know about what we see? What determinations do we make with the information given? What opinions do we hold, or form due to the surface? Such a reflective sort of day. What are you reflecting on today, drop me a line, I would love to know.

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