34 to Fall-Vertigo, There you go, Let go,

So, I have vertigo. I kept waiting for it to go away completely as it had gotten better, but it became a little more persistent this week as I went back to yoga. Luckily Bill’s doctor had a cancellation on Friday at 8am, I am so thankful for that! He was proficient, efficient, and hopefully it goes away for good! If you see me staggering about, not hearing you and digging at my ear, don’t mind me, it’s just vertigo.

Doctor’s office…hold the counter before you walk out the door, lol.

Ironically, the person that answered the doctor’s line when I called for an appointment, is a friend. We usually have a minor chat exchanging niceties, and because I can’t hear, I had it on speaker, so Bill heard her say her son was looking for a job. He has known her son for a long time, knows that he is a hard worker and had me tell her to have her son send his resume to Bill. Will this result in a job? I don’t know, maybe? More importantly, if it doesn’t, it will at least give him the opportunity to interview with a great company, learn from his experience and bolster him in his job search. I will keep you posted, so there you go!

I have seen so many people posting about their kids going back to school, and taking them back to college. A friend mentioned something important in her post today, we have to let them go to fly, I do agree. Last year, Avery did a cross country trip from California back to Oxford, not requiring us to take her back or set her up, even though we did go drop some items off and to hug her after her trip. This year, she went back by herself, again, and sent us pics of her room set up. Avery is a Resident Advisor(RA) again this year, we are very proud of the independence she displays and possesses, and we know that will serve her extremely well in life. Adding to what my friend said, we have to trust that we did a good job, we have to let our kids find their own ways, and we have to watch them fly off, away from the nest. It is hard, but we have to let go.

Part of her display put her new residents’ RA!
A snippet of her dorm room…

Lots of messages with GO here lately on my blog…and no it isn’t coincidence. It is time for not just myself to hit the gas pedal, but many others too. Are you in go mode, or do you have some clearing, resting, or thinking to do? Drop me a line, I would love to know!

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