Summer 60-Recap, Cap it off, No Cap

This summer has been one of growth, challenge, change, rebirth, regeneration, rejuvenation, redirection and man, oh man, so much more. I can say with full disclosure, my household is having a major butterfly moment in that everyone is metamorphosing. We are all going through so much growth and change, apparently, a lot of you are too, which I think is purposeful and great! These times in our lives can be hard, but together we can do/be/see/feel/experience a great positive shift and change for the betterment of us as individuals, and as a collective!

Beauty can remind you to look for the good, but check the shadows too.

Avery had a great experience with her internship at Aldi, it really opened her eyes to what she wants in a work capacity, and some things she doesn’t. She values relationships with people, knows that is tantamount to success, and is considering some career choices that she previously wasn’t. Overall, you can see Ave’s personal foundation being a guiding source in her potential career path. I couldn’t be more proud of who she is, who she is becoming, and I am excited to watch what she does!

She knows you win with people!

Brooke’s recent accident, was like the cap to how her summer started. While on vacation, several things were said to Brooke which were needed to be said, heard, and addressed for her growth. Her wreck really put things in an alignment and she gained an even better perspective for her life, overall. That is the thing about life, the lessons and answers are there if you opt to see them. Brooke is not only seeing them, but embracing them because she wants to grow and become the best version of herself, with each version she becomes. She is more quiet about her personal growth than her sister, but she does talk to you, if you listen. I am very proud of her for seeing the lessons placed before her, for her learning and growing from them, and for her hidden, quiet strength she possesses. I am excited for her, for her senior year, and I hope she makes lots of good memories this year!

Some old, some blue, new attitude, a new car too.

Bill has faced many, many challenges this summer…new job, new boss, new places to travel, new faces to get to know…old habits and old scars too. He has really started to let go of old patterns, habits and behaviors, and that is clearing way to learn and embrace so many new things. While some say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, Bill is proving that isn’t true. You can learn as long as you want to, are open to it, and you see how the new ways are just that much better than the old. He is really getting to know himself on a different level, and with that, it shifts his relationship with us all, which is such a blessing.

What has two thumbs and is embracing personal growth?!

I guess I should say something about myself, but I just draw a blank. I am trying. I am learning. I am growing. I am blooming. I am balancing, and I am not doing so much like I was before. Maybe that is what I need to tell you. So many times, we want to add, add, add to our lives, when really we need to release, let go, get rid of and diminish, or simplify what we have or do. Often, you have to figure out what isn’t working, or isn’t good for you, to discover what is and what does work. You let go of what doesn’t serve, and then you can add what might, will, or does serve . I think this is so undervalued, overlooked and frowned upon, letting go, but it is often what is vital to the next step/leg/path of our journey. It is also heartbreak at times, can be scary and certainly requires blind faith.

What is too much sunscreen? Get your gallon of water a day!!!

We did get a settlement from the insurance company for Brooke’s car, wasn’t much, but it was fair, and we are thankful for good people staying when they could have fled, accepting responsibility when they could not have. We are also thankful for sales people that provide a better alternative, and it makes more sense. We planned on buying Brooke a newer car after graduation, but I reckon things work as they should, and timing isn’t always as we appoint it to be.

Although I would prefer to focus on the positives, and I think most of your view should be, it isn’t always as easy as that or healthy to force positivity when your emotions say otherwise. Feel your feelings, identify what those are, know or figure out why you feel that way, what may be triggering it that is lingering, or what needs dealt with so you minimize or are no longer triggered. We are all evolving, but one thing I know for sure, people seem to think positive civility is evolution, it isn’t. Diplomatic confrontation has it’s place, and it really is a form of communication…which is not just talk, talk, talking, but listening, conveying, comprehending, trying to understand, doing all with some level of objectivity, for the purpose of bettering a situation or relationship. So, when someone tells you that they don’t see the problem and how they play a part, no cap is an appropriate response.

We start a new time measurement tomorrow, the first day of school until September 22, totaling 36 days. Join me as we count down until Fall Equinox, my favorite time of year!! Drop me a line, recap your summer, was there a cap to it, and are you telling anyone no cap while you’re at it?

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