Summer 58&59-A miss and a HIT!

I fell asleep at 7ish last night, so my blog post totally went out the window! Not much to report on yesterday, but today I have a good one for you!

Two years ago, Avery brought up the idea of matching tattoos. We could never agree on what design to get, but we knew we were down with the idea. Over the summer, during her Aldi internship, Avery met a nice girl whose boyfriend had just started his own tattoo studio. When we looked on Instagram at his work, we were blown away by his clean lines, how seasoned his skill set looked, and the content of his portfolio. So, we made an appointment before Ave went to school, and today, she met us in Circleville to see a man about a tattoo, or 3.

Jacob, prepping Ave’s arm.

Jacob Dierfield of Blank Canvas Ink, does such sick lines, he is amazing! He is an outstanding artist, looking to do creative, one of a kind work, he wants to create your wearable masterpiece. Jacob also wants to showcase the art of local high school students in his studio, he has great vision for what he wants his own work to look like and encompass, art on skin, but he values art in all forms, and wants to foster the appreciation and value of art for others to see, and eventually purchase. I love his vision for fostering young people with and through art, and I loved the way he interacted with genuine interest, about what interests Brooke, about what Ave is planning with her life and career. Jacob is interested genuinely in people, and it shows.

Ave found a great design of birth flowers for us, and Brooke. She and I are both November birthdays, with Peonies representing us, Brooke is a February birthday, a Violet representing her. Avery’s tattoo.

We were pretty chatty with Jacob, asking him lots of questions about his life, vision and business, okay, maybe that was mainly me, but still. He has great energy, is a great artist, and is a budding philanthropist. I see him going far, doing well, and making a huge impact on the art scene, locally!

Jacob’s studio is new, located at 112 W. Main Street, Circleville. He is looking to add some additional tattoo artists and a piercer to his offerings in his studio, as well as showcasing local art, as I mentioned. Jacob is also considering offering some local art classes, if he can find time as his business grows. Seeing him interact with Brooke and watching him ask her about her career plans, I think he will make for a great mentor!

Brooke’s tattoo
My crap picture of my excellent tattoo.

My photo of my own tattoo is lackluster, ironically, and so I must offer my apologies to Jacob. I love that my girls and I have a matching piece, that when we look at it, it reminds us that we have each other, and will be together always. Thank you Jacob for your amazing work, and what it represents to us, we appreciate you and will be back!

This is the link to Jacob’s Instagram page. Give him a follow, and message to schedule your appointment!

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