36 to Fall-Last First Day

Ooooohhhhweeee!!! Last first day of school for Brooke today!! The journey has gone super fast, there have been so many amazing educators along the way, lots of friends made, lots of memories had. You have come a long way Brooke, this chapter almost done, but so much journeying still to be had!

First day of Kindergarten, August 25, 2010.
First day of Senior year, August 18th, 2022.
Ah, the joy of dealing with Unioto school buses and traffic…
Brooke has to go to school while I nap!!! Dad, check my smile, and brush my teefs!
Get our good sides…
Let me wipe that kiss off…
Doesn’t everyone take Tums to school???
Driving the new whip to school!
Off she goes!

Brooke, we love you very much, we are so super proud of you, and we hope you have an amazing senior year of high school! Wishing a great year to students, teachers, administrators, faculty, and all guardians/parents!

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