Summer 57-Spinning

I mentioned to you that I met up with a friend on Thursday, we discussed our actions in life, how those could be comedy in disguise of effort. Well, yesterday I was washing dishes and thinking about that conversation, and me saying I spin plates. I asked to be shown more clarity with the conversation in mind, and how I tend to just keep going, going, and going when that’s probably not the best thing to do. I released that thought in my mind, and went to let the dogs out the back door.

I was walking back to the sink, as I had a pan soaking, I heard a sound, it sounded like running water. I had just cleaned the bathroom prior to soaking the pan and washing other hand wash items, so maybe it had been 20 minutes or so since I finished the bathroom, but I thought it could be the toilet running or something. The closer I get to the bathroom, the louder the sound becomes, and the more I realize it isn’t running water. I was a bit frightened at what that sound could be, what could it be?!?

And then, with a laugh, a creepy feeling and yet some acceptance, I realized that it was the electric toilet brush spinning. SPINNING. This thing has a switch that couldn’t have been flipped, has never turned on by itself, and was no where near a person or pet that could have turned it on. In fact, it makes a click sound when you turn it off, and it clicked when I turned it off earlier. Hmmmmm. Let me tell you all, that was not lost on me. Immediately, my mind said, it’s all shit. The toilet brush, the spinning plate. It is all crap that is unnecessary. The spinning isn’t needed or required. It is a waste of time, effort and energy, and it is harmful to me.

Wow. So, what should I be doing instead of spinning plates? Whatever I choose to do with my time that is good for me, productive for me, feels good to me, makes me happy, and that I don’t have to laugh at myself about because the alternative is nothing good. I so wanted to message my friend and tell her, because I knew she would get it too, but I am waiting to see if she has her own experience, similar to this, as we often go through things on the same timeline.

Life is interesting, people are in your life at the right time for whatever reason. Maybe they need to assist you, maybe you need to assist them, maybe you are to reward them with learning from them, or vice versa. Perhaps, they are there, as you are, so that you can row the boat together, and not alone? Whatever reason, season, or lesson someone is there for, always be thankful that they were placed in your life. And be thankful when your toilet brush answers your question so quickly!

Drop me a line, have you had a question answered in a way you totally didn’t anticipate, maybe it was a bit unsettling to you? I would love to know, truly!

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