Summer 55-Intersecting Lines

A friend asked me recently if we could meet up and have a photography free play time. I am always up to shooting something different, see what I can see, see what turns out. My friend, Roger, suggested that we draw a subject/topic to shoot, and while that was the plan, the topics may have been left at home for us to come up with a new plan.

As Roger and I were sitting at the corner on Paint Street, we were greeted by a friend if Roger’s. He suggested that we shoot rooftops, and see what all angles we could get…a super idea and concept that we probably need to revisit, but Roger and I sat and chatted the whole time we had allotted today, so we shot a few shots from where we sat.

We compared settings, compared how we see the same thing, and talked about photography techniques and technicalities. We also talked about business, things coming our way with photography, and some other photogs that have inspired us. You know, I don’t think we even scratched the surface of what all we can discuss.

Honestly, I tried to shoot what caught my eye and made me think or feel something. Noticing the little things makes me feel as though I am paying homage to the smallest thing, to the largest thing, to the whole thing. This always leads to me considering what the building, structure or landscape looked like before.

I edited each photo differently too. I like to try new things, use different techniques and yield different results, just because I can. Oh, someday I will stop playing and get serious, but for now, I enjoy the freedom of creativity with no rush to say this is my style and only what I shoot.

If you have been following my work on my Facebook page, E.robinsonphotos, then this looks familiar. My cover photo is an image of Chillicothe from Grandview cemetery, this caught my eye then, just as it does now, but I think at this distance it is the caged ladder that catches my eye most.

Drop me a line, let me know what you did today, was it something new, maybe exciting? Did you help others, or yourself, maybe both? Perhaps you didn’t do any of that, so let me know what you did!

Oh, and I also went the field house with the Senior CHS cheerleaders so they could paint their megaphones at the field!

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