Summer 54- Flow

I woke up at 4:30 to go to this morning’s sunrise flow, and as a fellow yogi said, I just have to be open to getting up and starting my day this way. I used to be great at my 4:30 wake up call, and then I wasn’t, but I think I will be able to return to being great at rising before the sun, as life is a series of ebbs and flows, and right now, I am in the flow.

So much more to those 4 simple words!

Nothing is permanent, including our mindset and what that entails. We can find the value and need to have a strong mindset…but that can at some point hinder us. We can have a kind and caring mindset…but at some point that can exploit us. We can have a tough, take no shit mindset…but that can harden us. Basically, we can meme about mindsets, talk about what kind of mindset is necessary for ____situation, OR….

We can realize that we are all on our own journey, and while specific or certain mindsets serve us in specific or certain situations, that doesn’t really encapsulate our need for differing mindsets, and flexibility within those as things evolve, change, or grow. I often feel like people judge others, their mindset and where they are at mentally/emotionally, even though they are not the one going through or navigating the situation/experience. Brooke had a wreck the other day, I can tell her not to hate the man that pulled out in front of her, he made a mistake and anyone could have done the same, but I can also tell her that I understand why she feels that way, I can love and support her and listen to how she is feeling, and changing within those feelings or thoughts associated. Same thing with Maria, she guides me in yoga, I can tell her where I am at mentally, but explain that things are evolving, I am evolving, and she readily accepts and supports it. It is all flow, people.

Do you flow, do you evolve and change? Do you provide room and space for others to do the same? I am heading to Rost this morning to meet up with a friend, we will be discussing this same topic, as she has recently discovered something about her health, but it will transcend in to her psyche, mental and emotional health too, because that is where it evolved from. Ah, not everything is starting place to finish, but a transition between places in our minds, hearts, heads, gut, and body, and everything encompassing and associated in between.

Drop me a line, let me know how you flow, what your current mindset you are focusing on is, and if you have found awareness in not living life linearly, but forward nonetheless!

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