Summer 53-ONE WEEK

Holy cow, time has flown by!!! We have one week until school starts at our house!!! We have had a pretty busy summer, but honestly, I am about to get in to a productive stride, and I am completely ready! Are you preparing for back to school, have you already seen someone off, or are you just following along the school calendar in general to mark your months?

Recent shoot at the Scioto Mile…
Straight outta camera, gorgeous Clara!

What have you done this summer that you would do all over again? What didn’t you do that you wished you had? Will you miss the summer warmth, or are you looking forward to cooler temps? Personally, I love sweatshirt weather, the whole coziness of a cool fall night, but warmth of a fall day, makes my heart swoon!!!

I would redo this concert, over and over and over again!

And y’all, FOOTBALL SEASON. O-H!! Go Cavs!!! (Quietly saying Go Warriors!-always.) Are you looking forward to a fall sport of some sort, or maybe the ending of a summer sport/league? Perhaps you are just ticking days off for another reason altogether? You know, like a blog that you use to mark time, lol.

Masked up…Covid positive squad member results.

Anyhow, I am enjoying my time with Brooke, what’s left before school officially begins. I have some time with friends scheduled before school craziness, in my life and theirs, and I have some regular appointments to attend before next Thursday. Don’t mind my hair flick and wide open mouthed smile, that’s just the results of a haircut and teeth cleaning!

Madison: what are we doing today? Me: you tell me!

Drop me a line, let me know what’s happening with you in this time of transition and change, I would love to know!

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