Summer 52-National Book Lover’s Day

We recently talked about books, but today is National Book Lover’s Day, so we can discuss books again today! Do you remember me telling you that I had picked up two books on my recent trip to Barnes & Noble? I finished the Nicholas Sparks book on Friday, read another book and finished yesterday, and am starting to read my other B&N find now! So, what am I reading?!

The Lost Book of Eleanor Dare, by Kimberly Brock didn’t sound appealing when I read about it on Amazon, I think the reviews were lacking, but when I picked it up in my hands at Barnes & Noble, I felt that I had to read it. Sure I love the jacket of the book, but I feel, after reading the inside of the jacket, that the substance is there to be a great book. Have you ever had a similar experience of reading online about a book, so you pass over, but in person you feel completely different about it?

Tell me, what’s your favorite book? Who is your favorite author? What is your favorite way to purchase a book, or to read a book, device or actual book? Also, did you love to read as a kid, do you foster that in your kids or other children? I would love to know, drop me a line!!

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