Summer 28-Bronze is My Current Color

Do you struggle to brag about yourself? Maybe you struggle with even talking about yourself? Maybe you don’t like to bring attention to yourself??? Well stop that right now! Show people what you are proud of, show people what you can do. Stop holding yourself back and stop keeping your awesomeness inside.

So, you all know that I am a photographer. But do you know that this is not a hobby, but a career that I have invested in for years, that I seek accreditation in, and that I am a professional member of an accredited organization? Yes, no? Well, Hello, my name is Erin Robinson and I am a professional photographer. I am a member of Professional Photographers of America, Sue Bryce Education, and I submit my work for accreditation through The Portrait Masters System.

In 2021, I scored Bronze awards for the following images that I submitted.

Here are my 2022 submitted images.

As you know, I have completely given up Massage Therapy, and this frees me to pursue Photography full time. I have taken a hiatus between my two careers, which was a much needed break, but I am now ready to delve in, all in! And now you know a bit about what I am doing, what I can do, what I am pursuing, and where life is heading for me!

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