Summer 29-Sunday Sights

Before the rain began this morning, I started my day by going for a walk with Avery. We had some insightful thoughts that lead to a great conversation, which I love to converse with her. We also infused our time with laughs and lightness, something we both very much enjoyed. We entertained each other, as well as ourselves, and I don’t know about you, but that is always a fun, heartwarming, good time.

I found a feather on our walk, and to me, finding feathers is always a sign for me. The sign is usually a message, sometimes that depends on the bird of the feather, the color, where I found it, or what I was thinking at the time-serving as confirmation. A gray feather can mean peace, harmony, calmness, also hope, optimism or positivity. This all sounds pretty darn good to me!

Sigh, I just want to sit on the couch.

Not sure what the sighting of a spoiled orange dog means, other than he is spoiled, lol! He is so very expressive with his face and conveyance of wanting to sit on the couch today…

Avery, you don’t need to stretch, just sit in the couch.
Avery Pulease sit on the couch with me!

He did get to sit with Avery on the couch, buuuuut…

Brookie’s home!!!

He and Brooke are snuggle buddies, he has been antsy all day for her to get home from work. I think she was glad to get home to be with him too! We all have the dogs sit with us at times, but there is always that one person the dogs prefer to sit with most. Ah, sweetness!

What did you see today, any signs or messages for you? How about your Sunday sights, what did you see today that warmed your heart? Drop me a line, I would love to know!

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