Summer 2-Tattoos with Heidi

A few years back, I met someone that had some sick tattoos, I was so blown away, I asked about where they got them. I had one tattoo at the time, and had been wanting another, but wasn’t sure what I wanted, so I sat with the information about the artist, just waiting. In the meantime, Avery had wanted a tattoo, and I referred her to this artist. She was so happy with her first, she booked another appointment with the artist while still there. When the time came, she had another, non negotiable event, so Bill took the appointment. At the same time, I had a client looking for a new tattoo studio, and showed him Bill’s tattoo. He booked with this artist too, and now he and his wife have work done by her. Avery got back in, and got her second tattoo with the artist…then Bill rebooked and has added to his half sleeve, as well. I finally figured out what I wanted to get, and got my crow tattoo done by the artist too. Our good friend Ben, also has had an appointment with our artist booked for a while too. So you want to know who the artist is, and see our latest work done by her? Her name is Heidi, she is about an hour away, and she does amazing work!

The tattoo you see here was when Bill took Avery’s appointment, and inspired my client to seek out Heidi.
Heidi working on Bill’s half sleeve, all tattoos are her’s except one.
The outline of what’s to come, and the rose already done.
Heidi is such a talented artist, a professional at her art, and she sings too!
Her shading work is amazing, her black and white is impeccable, and her color is divine!
Heidi is meticulous in her work!
This picture does not do her work justice, I vow to take some quality photos soon!

This is Bill’s favorite tattoo so far, he said it was “way nice” when he first saw it. Lol! He gushed on and on about it the next day, which I relayed to a Heidi on how wordy he was with the compliments the day after.

I decided to do something that I have put off for years. I have wanted a forearm tattoo for a long time, and recently, so many things have been popping up in my life about what I want, how I have denied myself, been untrue to myself, and betrayed myself. I think we need to make tough choices at times, but how would a forearm tattoo hurt someone else? Yeah, it won’t, so I will make myself happy, for once, twice? Lol. I honestly didn’t want to be cliche, but I am like a Phoenix, I have finally risen to my truest form, and I should never compromise me for another, never again.

Oooh Heidi, what will you do there?!
My Phoenix is SO incredibly colorful! I cannot wait until it is fully healed to see it’s full glory!

I love Heidi’s work, I think she is beyond amazing, and we will for sure keep her, keep her busy too! What inspires you and your tattoos? Do you have one planned or one that you have been wanting to get for a long time but haven’t? Drop me a line, let me know!

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