Summer 1-Happy Father’s Day!

Today, many are being celebrated for their role as being a Father, biologically, adopted, or chosen. We did a little something different, but it will provide many good times ahead.

We started our day cooking breakfast together, something we love to do. Avery went to church and Brooke slept in from a late night of work, but Bill and I, we made breakfast, and it was delicious! A serious question, do you like your bacon crispy or flimsy? I like mine crisp! And do you have a designated bacon pan?

Around us, many people did varying different things to celebrate Dads, some hung out at the pool, some went on a trip, some rode golf carts, some shot guns, and some power washed their deck…

We have a beautiful deck out back, and haven’t enjoyed it nearly enough the last few years. Today was the day to change that, and not only return to enjoying our deck, but the beginning of revitalizing our back yard. Time has a way of slipping through your fingers if you let it, and we no longer are going to let it.

So, while today was kind of an atypical Father’s Day for Bill, it was the first day of many great days together, outside, enjoying our home inside and out! Thank you for caring and being here Bill, we love you! Happy Father’s Day!

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