Summer 3-Solstice, Weeds, and Warmth

I got outside early today, weeded my flower beds, weeded my patio and pool deck area. Let me tell you, Virginia Creeper is a complete creep…it spreads easily and clings on to surfaces for dear life. Goodbye Ginny, you are no longer welcome here! I seriously rolled it up today, like a carpet and there was only about a 4 foot section of it. So glad to have that done! Do you have any plants/weeds that you have to fight back, yearly? I think it is time to kill the roots, but I am okay with it now.

It is quite hot out today, even the dogs that prefer to be outside all the time, just laid by the door looking out earlier. I have been providing the pooches with ice cubes on these hot days, and the cats mainly stay hidden from the heat, but they get ice cubes too. This summer is supposed to be a real hot one, how will you be staying cool?

Can you believe today is the first day of summer?! Happy Solstice! I love gaining minutes from winter until now, watching everything come back to life and flourish, bloom and get all showy with color. I also love the descent back in to darkness over the next few months, things dying off, showing beauty in their slide in to death. Fall is my favorite, for sure, but the older I get, the more I like summer and the less I like winter. I love the warmth of summer on my body, the fluidity it provides, the ease of movement…I totally get why people move south the older they get!

Weeded this area today, I love this solar light my friend Joe gifted me!

This all makes me think about how we mark time, seasonally. Are you enjoying the seasons, of the year and in your life? We have a way of speeding through it all, to get to the next thing, but are you enjoying today, the now? I know I am trying to enjoy the seasons more, but I also see where I can improve upon that enjoyment, thus all of the outdoor work around here. What are you doing to mark your seasons and the bounty each one provides? Drop me a line, I would love to know your thoughts!

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