60 days of summer…

Okay, so there are not 60 days of summer, but from tomorrow until August 18th when my youngest starts her senior year, we have 60 days to focus on what we want to do, become, embody, enjoy and soak up. For some reason, I do best with counting days in chunks, and while some may feel this kills time quickly, it helps me to make the days count!

Today is about getting rid of some things that were in the basement, clearing out old to have room, not for new in this case, but for less. Yes, we are still doing projects in the basement, with vacation and Bill traveling for work, we had to put things off until now. I cleared out all of these clothes, that I asked my children to not put in the basement some time back, and started to rearrange some of the storage. Why do we put things we no longer need in the basement? Well, that stuff will all be coming up and out soon enough!

Tomorrow is a new day, an important day…it will be a good day! I will see you all tomorrow, a bit lighter than I am today!😉 Drop me a line and let me know how your Saturday is going, I would love to know!

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