Roads to Healing on the Journey

No matter how self aware we are, we can never overlook the natural progression of release, healing and progress. We may deal with a subject or issue in our lives, thinking that it is a one and done, or a multiple and complete, but sometimes our dealing with this specific thing will not fully reveal it’s encompassing theme in our life until we are truly good and ready to put the whole picture together, to accept it, to release it, and to move on from it. We are ever evolving on our journey, because of our journey, to further our journey. It is a very twisty, turning road, but you know what Robert Frost said about the road not taken, it made all the difference. Some things to consider…

And lastly…

No idea who gets credit for this, but it sure is good!

Sometimes life has a way of wrapping things up nice and neat like. If you trust the journey, trust your source of guidance, trust yourself, it can and will be better than you ever imagined. If you fear that you will lose your grip, come on back and read my numbered posts, shoot me a line and let me know where you’re at, I will not only remind you that it is a season, but that there was a reason and lessons too. I will walk with you, and talk to you. Now, let’s do this, one foot in front of the other, the next step in the journey!

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