Yeah, well…

As I have been going about my health and fitness recently, I realized that isn’t a journey I am overly pumped at blogging about daily. How many days do you want to hear I did yoga and walked?? Because that is currently what I am doing until I work back up to speed, then adding gym trips in when I get up to it. Also, I had a Panera kitchen sink cookie today, that didn’t detract from my eggs, my oatmeal, or my chicken at dinner, but you see what I am saying.

I did wash and cut up these delicious, locally grown strawberries today, holy yum, y’all! I have some chicken, Brussels sprouts and potatoes planned for dinner tomorrow, for now anyhow, but depending on how hot it is, we may not want to cook in the house and heat it up. Where is a summer kitchen when you need one? Oh, grill you say?? I will be so glad to have these strawberries to cool us down and refresh us!

I recognize when something isn’t quite working for me, so I think it best to abort my physical wellness documentation. I will still focus on this in my life, but I think I am ready to do something different here at The Photographist Life. I will be doing some random weekly posting for the next couple of weeks while I gather some things to me. I hope you’ll still tune in and see what is happening! Until the next time, stay cool!

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