RE-ME: Days 3&4-Rest & Research

Sarah P. Duke Gardens in Durham, NC

I did not post yesterday as I was feeling a bit under the weather. When I feel the ways I felt yesterday and Tuesday, and I don’t listen to my body, it gets worse for me and not better. So I choose to honor my body and listen. Today I feel much better, but still run down, so I took a rest day.

Avery enjoyed exploring the paths at Sarah P. Duke gardens

Today I have spent some time looking at parks, preserves and sanctuaries that I would like to visit this summer, and most likely some gardens too. By triangulating my research, I will see what is close in proximity, and visit places in clusters. There are a few places on my list that are musts, so I will prioritize those first.

Such a cool design at SPD gardens
Many types of gardens at Sarah P. Duke gardens, recent downpours did not keep us away!

If I am smart, I will plan my food and water needs in my usual grocery plan, maybe add some snacks, but that will justify paying for the gas to get there and back. Side note, anyone else feeling like this? That you have to justify your extra gas goings??? UGHHH. Moving on. I feel that this summer will be more about natural, lower priced happenings…except for the things that were planned and paid for before all of this gas madness.

Muddy waters matter not, still going to cross the steppingstone path!

Is there somewhere, gardens, park, preserve, or sanctuary that you would love to visit, or that you love visiting? I would love to know, drop me a line and let me know! Extra credit for pics!

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