RE-ME: Day 2-Momentum, Pain, Progress

People, it is rough. No coffee, day 1…dying. Okay maybe that is a tad dramatic, but seriously, it is rough being lethargic without coffee, but that should also tell me that I am dependent on it, and that is worse. On the plus side, I feel way better having not drank it, and I have less inflammation. I cannot wait until I am two weeks out from abstaining, though.

I got my 1 hour of yoga in today, and realize that I will have to start slow and gentle on my body, for all things. This yoga video was a great way to jump in, and I could feel the benefits immediately. I do love Timberlake Yoga on YouTube, and this is one I have done a few times to aid my achey self.

I also went for a 25 minute walk today, my target was 30 minutes, but with neuropathy making it feel like I have a tourniquet around my leg, and the excruciating pain that accompanies it, I pushed to the 25 and was okay with that. My intention will be to walk everyday with a 20 minute minimum, and if I can go 30-45, even better!

Gotta start taking this guy with me again, and take his sister too…

I think we often set goals that are not doable, or not sustainable, and I desperately need to sustain. I was internally cussing myself as I was in agony, wishing I had never stopped walking. Once upon a time, last year, I could walk 2 hours and not bat an eyelash. That is how quickly your body can change and decline. Don’t be me, do better for you.

Anyhow, tomorrow is still no coffee, lots of water, 1 hour yoga, and at least 20 minutes walking. What did you do physically today, and how was your water intake? Let me know!

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