RE-ME: Day 1-Early, Daily, Habits

Today is our first day of physical wellness, how is it going for you? I weighed myself this morning, good news? I weigh one pound less than I thought. Bad news? I weigh what I thought. Shaming myself over my weight is not helpful, as I learned oh so long ago, so, back to My Fitness Pal app to track that, and track what I am consuming. This will help me see what is not of benefit, what is habitually consumed, and where I can make better choices to get me where I want to go.

I think I have mentioned many times before, but having coffee first thing in the morning is a problem for me, it goes down hill from there it seems. I avoided coffee for the first few hours today, and caved later in the morning because I was tired. What this tells me is that I need to change my habits, right from the beginning of my day. Drinking 2 cups of water first thing helps to get my day started in water consumption, and in movement. I feel lighter, and that is the feeling I am chasing, less, lighter, better, more movement, less pain, etc.

Today, I anticipated doing some yoga and taking a walk, I took a nap instead. Last week on vacation, I slept super poorly and got little rest, so today when my body said I was going down, I went with it. I feel much better, feel ready to do those things tomorrow, and I am ready to get on with improving my physical health!

Let’s recap:

  • Weigh yourself, but don’t shame you
  • Stop drinking coffee, AGAIN
  • Start the day off by drinking water, this will help daily water consumption momentum
  • Move early in the day, this helps to keep moving throughout the day
  • Rest when you need to

What did your first day look like, was it what you thought it would be? Do you see how your daily habits right from waking can help you succeed, or cause you to derail? Are you changing anything for tomorrow to help you start on the best foot, to gain momentum? I know I sure am, and I am looking forward to it!

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