TAP 1/70-What’s Next?

Good day, friends! Can you believe that we have made it through 70 days of TAP??? I am in amazement and awe of the fact that I have now completed 115 consecutive days of blogging. I truly did not realize that I was capable of that kind of commitment to myself, but find that these chunks of time are designated to focus on what calls for it, needs it, and is relieved/released by it.

The first 45 days showed me that I knew it was time for a different direction, a different viewpoint, and a different life. It was in those days, that I came to terms with the fact that I had by and large been suppressed by others, and suppressing myself, my wants, my needs, my personality, ME, for my husband’s misplaced preconceived notions from his childhood of what adults/parents/individuals should be. I have consistently told him my ideas about it all from the beginning, and he is just now not only starting to understand it, but to get it and choose those same things for himself. If you’d like to know, why my way is seemingly better, you first need to know the truth. It isn’t my way. It is God’s way, and the way of Christianity. We can delve in to that another day, another way…but that is the honest truth, and we are finally at a place to both know that. Those first 45 were the revealing of the truth.

The next 70 days were for me to deal with all of the issues revealed by the first 45. Ironically, where I am working my way to, is where I thought the first 45 would get me, and I thought the exact same about these last 70 days. I am even laughing at myself right now in my lack of vision, that is not how the journey of life is, we must remove the bad, in order to progress to the good…and if you have been paying attention, I have had a major purge. I can attest to these last 115 days being very tumultuous, very cathartic and revealing to me, my husband, and even my children.

I can also tell you, that I had to venture backwards in my life, at times I had to go back to the beginning too. If you aren’t aware, all things tie together, you just have to figure out how, unravel them, then release them. I have said this before, I will keep saying it, it is also true.

“ I am going to count backwards on this phase. I will designate it as TAP, as I will be gearing to tap in to my next potential, my next journey, my next…whatever comes next. I will also be tapping in to my heart’s desires of what I want to create in my life, for my life, and how I want things to be for me. TAP.”

I have been very cognizant this 70 day segment, about what I want, what makes me happy, what I don’t want to live with, and who I need to let in to my space. I still need to work on choosing me in certain ways, and I think this next segment of time, will be about that, me choosing my physical wellness. After all, I have covered mental and emotional wellness, this would round things out nicely!

Would you like to join me tomorrow for 60 days of physical wellness? I will talk about movement, food, rest/peace in activity, and how to make a start and build upon that. Let’s call this segment RE-ME, it will be a time for rebirth, renewal, regeneration, reemergence, and relaunch, all things we have already done, but on a new journey! I hope you will join me!

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