TAP 2/70-Summer, Summer, Summer, Summertime

Sometimes you leave home to go on vacation, you blink, then you drive back home. It be like that sometimes.

Our sound view

Despite some crazy happenings, we had a great trip, enjoyed our time at the beach and our time together. We talked to a lot of different people, even met a lady from Chillicothe while waiting for a restaurant to open! You never know how close home really is, lol.

Po House in Avon, YUM

We are home, resting, but will be ready for more adventures this summer. We have spent plenty of time talking about some things we’d like to do, visiting state parks is high on our list, but hanging out and investing in more quality time is also high priority in any fashion, and any location.

Good catch Bill!

Do you have individual or family plans this summer? Drop me a line, let me know, I love to hear about others’ adventures!

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