TAP 3/70-Creepy, trippin, what?

When we came to this beach house, we started off on a weird foot. There were dirty diapers behind the door, but hey, no problem, we can roll with something being overlooked. The glass stovetop is cracked with a piece missing, okay, we’ll not use that burner. The shower head got moved and the front door unlocked itself, but still overlooking these weird things. Then as Bill was talking about weird things when we were coming up the steps, he tripped and almost fell. We used the washer and dryer and not only did we all start breaking out in coughs, but Brooke and I got some hives. Still, no biggie…

We have had so many forced conversations this week, ones we have not wanted to have-but haven’t been avoiding…so weird. We have been finding joy with each other, but also admitting a lot of self issues. Still, that seemed positive. We even thought about rebooking this place for next year…

And then, this:

The table broke off the leg, OFF THE LEG. It cracked through a solid part, a part I have never seen a table break at before. There is a storm going on here, literally, and shit has just been unbelievably weird. We are laughing about it, but also jetting straight home tomorrow…after sleeping with one eye open tonight. I believe in random weird things not being an odd occurrence, but I also recognize when random weird things are telling you something. Get the hell out. This house sold last year, well under market value, but the rent this week was NOT cheap.

Beautiful sunsets are awesome, the location is great, but holy cow, are we ready to come home!!! Have you ever experienced anything like this with where you have stayed? If so, drop me a line, let me know so we can laugh or scare ourselves together!🤣

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