TAP 12/70-Silent Prayers

Today, I am sending many prayers to those lost and left mourning the shootings in Uvalde. I am also redoubling my efforts towards this world. We are living in a crazy world, with things beyond our control, and we have gotten so far from goodness that most people are clueless, still asleep, and/or utterly lost.

I will not let this make me angry, instead I will look for ways in which to channel my energy in to something positive. I will make efforts, to not thwart evil, but to shine my light even brighter in hopes that we can claw our way out of this current place of blindness, in to the light and open. I will make efforts to see who else is paying attention, and join energy with them so that we may have more collective positive force for change.

This isn’t a gun problem. This isn’t a left or right problem. This is a very large problem of the heart, the mind and the soul. Wake up. WAKE UP!

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