TAP 13/70-People, Everywhere

“And those he predestined, he also called; those he called, he also justified; those he justified, he also glorified.”
‭‭Romans‬ ‭8:30‬ ‭NIV‬‬

Life has a funny way of working, and to be honest, I think it works best if we are open to it. William and I have had a lot of conversations in the last few days, that I truly never thought we would have, and just this morning, I asked him if he was letting Spirit guide him, or if because things are doable, he follows his head. He answered that he has a tendency to follow his head, but he is now open, willing, and able to follow Spirit too.

courtesy of the Bible app

Spirit can be construed as intuition, or the greater force of Holy Spirit. I think you can be guided by Spirit and have intuition, they can work independently, or in conjunction . Often, intuition is a gateway to Spirit and vice versa, Spirit speaks to you through intuition. If you have thoughts or questions on this, let me know!

Anyhow, William and I are moving to a new place in our relationship, because he is moving to a new place within himself. I honestly always hoped he would get where is now, but 23 years worth of him not, made me finally give up hope. And that is when things started changing, but that really is for another day, another clean page. The point is, when we change the way we think, operate and maneuver life, so many other things change in conjunction. These same things may have been en route to change anyhow, but perhaps the path would be completely different.

Because of his change, this affords us change, and also, I am changing too. I would have said I was resuming being me, but that isn’t 100% accurate…I AM resuming being me, but I have changed as well, so best to clarify that. One thing I am changing, is getting out of my house more. I have almost become a shut in, avoiding all things external, unpleasant, annoying, and unwanted.

Normally, if I have to run errands, especially Walmart, I always see the same two women I know in the parking lot. I don’t know them well enough to say hello, but I know them, and always see one or both of them. This is a sign for me, and until today, I did not know what that was telling me. I am still processing all the information of it, but they are two fiercely independent women that love their families, make their own way in life, and make joy in their lives, literally, they make things. One is divorced, one is married, I went to school with their kids. I think I want to be them in a lot of ways, when I grow up. I will hold this to me and keep letting it unravel to show me.

I also went to Sam’s this morning and I saw SO MANY PEOPLE that I know, but they probably don’t know or remember me, as our meetings were limited, and we are acquainted through mutual friends. There was a common theme with these people, they were all not favored with some of my friends, and really liked by others, but nothing in between. I know the reasons why for each, and they appear like valid reasons for my friends, on both sides. I stepped back, and just saw them as other patrons, people I know, no judgments or thoughts about these people. And that lead me to a place I have been struggling with, but am no longer.

People are simply people, they are good, bad, and indifferent. I have known this and felt this way for a very long time, but because of my personal situation, I lost sight of just accepting someone in my life the same way. I was so negatively impacted by one person, and all he was attached to, that it caused everything for me to become skewed, in a negative way. Despite that, I kept a positive outlook on life, but I isolated myself more and more, in part so as to not spread the toxicity of my life, but also so people wouldn’t see the toxicity of my life. I have worked very hard at containing the spread, and all I had to do was stay away from more negative people, not people altogether…

So those people I saw today(except the Walmart ladies)? All extremely negative, toxins to some of my friends, but also super kind to my other friends…basically, we don’t need to associate with all people, and if we do and it isn’t good, we can move on…or we can accept that people change and that might possibly be better than we ever thought it could be, for them, and maybe even for us.

Have you been having any revelations lately? Anyone having a major life change, and it is affecting you? Are you going through a major life change? I would love to know what is happening in your world, drop me a line and let me know!

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