TAP 11/70-Speaking from Perspective

Where do your thoughts and opinions come from? Do they just spring forth, or are they cultivated over time? Do you stick with the same thoughts and opinions, never editing those for better views? How do you change your thoughts and opinions? Or does something happen for those to change within you?

We all come in to this world via two people(occasionally a third-surrogate), and from those two people, we are given genetic dna coding, which gives us hair, eye, skin color, our sex, our body composition, etc. Perhaps some elements of our personality are from this dna too, but more than likely, our personality comes from the thoughts and opinions that our parents bestowed upon us intentionally, or unintentionally. For example, my dad doesn’t care for super messy foods, but my mom doesn’t mind them. If I hadn’t eaten tacos with my mom, would I even like them?? Maybe you think this is a ridiculous example, but it is valid. I tend to think more like my dad, but recognize when mom’s thought or opinion is better. The difference of those things in my parents, gives me room to form my own opinion.

Now, say I get the flu at some point, and I had just eaten tacos, only to be really sick after, this may sway me away from tacos for a while, or turn me off of them forever. This is my own experience that changed my previous thoughts and opinions. I would like to say this is why dad does not like tacos, but I think it is because the efficiency is lost with loose components. He likes to eat, and having half his food in crumbs on his plate, is probably not ideal. Just my opinion on his taco stance…

Anyhow, the point is, we are largely guided by family as an indicator of what we should think and have opinions on, about. Experience can affect how we stay the same or change those thoughts and opinions. My next question is this: Do we deal in facts? The fact is, you do lose a lot when you eat a taco, either on your shirt, on the table, or in a wrapper, maybe in your car too. That is a fact, and odds are we taco consumers all can probably agree that it is a messy, if not delicious undertaking. If someone told you they invented a mess-less taco, you’d know they are probably lying, or using some method by which eating that taco is not the same. Is it really a taco at that point? Not really.

Let’s say we go out in the world, determined to do everything different from what we know from our upbringing. Odds are, we will either find why we shied away from this or that, but we will also find merit in what we judged before…if we are open minded enough. So maybe tacos will be on the menu, or they won’t, but maybe you discover margaritas in the process? I bet no one saw that coming, lol. We can discover something new that we like, by being open. Now, the flip side of that, we may discover something new we like, sure, but maybe we drink too many margis. Do we do it again and again, or do we realize that one margarita is good, but 3 is too many, so 2 is the sweet spot? Are we believers in moderation? Do we recognize when something isn’t good for us/our body? Do we indulge indulge indulge, only to feel bad after…to do it again later?

Maybe we don’t know how to do these things, maybe we think we should keep indulging ourselves? Maybe…

Maybe our brains think yes, do that thing we like again! We love tacos, eat them semi-regularly! We had a bad experience with margaritas, stay away from those! I know, let’s try eating sloppy joes and beer!! No, don’t do that, we don’t like that, even though we once did! The whole point I am saying is, like this, or don’t like this. Try this, keep trying it, or don’t like it anymore. If dad likes it, I may try it. If mom likes it, I may try it. But at the end of the day, I always choose my own way, because they have their own reasons for liking or not liking something, and so do I.

Find the facts. Figure out WHY you like something or you don’t. Figure out WHY you do or don’t do whatever you do. Figure out who you are, what experiences make you, and maybe what experiences make those that brought you to life, who they are too. Perspective is everything, deal in facts, and stop judging everyone for their thoughts and opinions, or goofy ass blog posts.

*Dad is not opposed to tacos, they just aren’t his favorites, along with ice cream or donuts. Drop me a line, let me know if you see what I am getting at today, let’s talk about it!

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