TAP 14/70-Two weeks until a new adventure…

Do you remember when I recently asked you if you, or people you know, we’re going through big transitions? And remember how I told you my whole family had been transitioning too, in individual and collective ways? We are moving like the speed of light with some transitions, or so they feel like anyhow. In reality, they have taken a long time to happen, but once it started, it has been lightning, warp speed ahead!

I am not a person that likes to hold grudges, hold on to the past, or hold people imprisoned in their mistakes, that only does bad things for both of us. No, I am one of those people that wants you to make good choices, to get it sooner than later, and for you to learn from your mistakes, or from the mistakes of those before you. I like change and transformation, and I truly love to see people being their best, people winning at life, or people getting what they have worked so hard for! I am and have been a big proponent of making life as good as possible. However, not all people are that way, but I think I cheer hardest and push those people even more to reach their personal greatness.

So many people I know are having a veil lifted from their eyes, which is absolutely amazing. This is such a massive energy shift, and if you are making big leaps in many ways, good for you my friend, good for you! I have been growing, seeing where I had and have needed to make major changes in my life, where I needed to let some people go, but to also lean more on those that could, and would stand with me, in my turbulent life.

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I have some more things to sort through, and honestly, I think July will be a great month for all of us! I am looking to break some habits, start some new ones, and continue on a path of releasing that which does not serve me. Drop me a line, let me know if you have struggled with something that you are ready to release, or something new and challenging that you are looking to take on. I would love to know!

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