TAP 15/70-Sunday Sortings

One of the projects I have had on my list is to purge our bedroom closet, and then to reorganize it. William has been super busy with work travel lately, and so we decided it would be a low key weekend…so when we were putting clean bed linens away, it presented itself as the perfect time to do the closet. Just ask him, he will agree, although he asked me what happened to laidback and low key day. Lol.

We got rid of some clothes, several pairs of William’s shoes, and we opened up some space for what we do have. The flow of the closet is much better, we have things sorted better, seasonally even, and some of us had to be honest about some things we didn’t want to part with. Not me, but some of us.

Anyhow, between dealing with the closet, doing laundry, and just hanging out, it has been a great day. I will report on that this week, as some new things are in the hopper for me and William!

As my cousin EJ says, “STC”, everything is Subject To Change.

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