TAP 21/70-Productivity Strikes Again

I had another productive day, and I am all for that. I am motoring right along with my house! Avery asked me earlier if I could breathe with more space, to which I said I literally have more space, and yes I can breathe better! I am finishing “opening up” my house with all the changes being done, and clean up is mainly left after today’s last big job of carpet cleaning.

I think we are all going to be so much happier in our house with the changes being made, the flow truly is better. Completing my list of indoor projects that were high priority will free up my summer to focus on outdoor projects and outdoor living, which will be great, but also much needed. I am honestly excited to tackle all of that next…at least talking about it, the doing of it may be another thing altogether. And there will always be room for more indoor summer projects, I have a list. 😉

Today is a short check in, I have been productive and right now, I am sitting here talking to Ave, enjoying the last rays of the day’s sun. I hope you have had great day, I sure have! See you tomorrow!

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