TAP 20/70-Choo Choo, this train keeps a rollin’!

Another productive day today! Most of my day was working in my flower beds, clearing debris, weeding, and planting. I will mulch another day, sometime soon! I also walked with Avery and did yoga. I really needed both after working in the flower beds. On a positive note, I planted spikey annual plants 2 years ago, they never really died off in 2020, and were bigger and fuller in 2021. They died off over the winter, so I figured I got more than I expected out of them. Today I went to clear the dead roots, and as I was gathering the dead debris, I spotted some tiny 3” spikes! They are not dead this year, apparently. Yeehaw!!

I had to use some of my landscape rocks to start training some of my other plants to give plenty of room for my new Lilac bush. I don’t mind, neither will they. I clearly need to patch some grass and I think I will put some pebbles in the holly bush area, which I chose to shape last year, or the year before. Basically, personal preference is important for all things, even landscaping!

I am so relieved to have all of this done so early in the season, usually I wait until June. I did worry today that I may run out of projects around my house, then I had a good laugh at myself, there is always a project in my world. How do you feel about your landscaping? If any of you have a pollinator garden, drop me a line and let me know what your favorite plants are in that, I would like to add to my own, and I would appreciate your input!

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